Harrybrooke Park Store

Support your favorite park, and get great stuff at the same time!

We've started with three favorite soaps, locally crafted and exclusive to Harrybrooke Park!

Gardener Lynn's Hand Soap - $5

Named for the offical gardener of Harrybrooke Park, Lynn Colville, this sopa looks the part. shaped like a rose, it is made with no fragrance or man-made colorants. Like all of our soaps, Lynn's soap is 100% vegan, made with no animal fats. Primarily Saponified oils of Olea Europaea fruit oils (an olive oil) coconut oil and rice germ, this soap is wonderful for daily use. It's beautiful shape will remind you of the roses in the park, and there is even the shape of a peacock stamped into the back. A wonderful reminder of the garden in Harrybrooke Park.

Gardener Lynn's Hand Soap, buy some now, and support Harrybrooke Park

Peacock Passion - $7

As beautiful in color as the peacocks that once graced the property, it is named for the birds that the Hardens kept on property. Made of olive and coconut oils, it's rose scented fragrance is not overwhelming as most rose scented soaps are. Using micas as coloring this soap is 100% vegan and an artistic delight as a gift or to display in your bathroom. A peacock design stamped into the back will remind you of the beauty of Harrybrooke Park.

Peacock Passion, buy some now, and support Harrybrooke Park

Liz's Zest - $7

The best selling soap of the park. A wonderful lemon oil is refreshing and unique. Made with poppy seeds that act as a natural exfoliant, this soap is names for Elizabeth Harden, the park's former owner. with a base of coconut and olive oils it is 100% vegan, using no animal fats in its manufacturing. It is made with no man-made colorants and is colored with mica. A true honor to Mrs. Harden and with a peacock stamped into the back of each bar, a remembrance of the past.

Liz's Zest, buy some now, and support Harrybrooke Park

Friends of Harrybrooke Park

Friends of Harrybrooke Park

Established in 2008, the Friends is a volunteer organization committed to the preservation of the park’s natural beauty and upkeep of the park’s facilities. Twice a year, the Friends assist in a clean-up of the park.

Harrybrooke Park - a spacious and beautiful park

A Promise Worth Keeping

Tucked away near Lover's Leap is New Milford's jewel, Harrybrooke Park - a spacious and beautiful park bordering a rushing waterfall on Still River. Harrybrooke is great for walking, bicycling, rollerblading, jogging, picnicking, fishing, outdoor events and parties and just plain relaxing in a peaceful and serene environment.

The Park is a private Park

Some facts…

The Park is a private Park, it is 48 acres and was founded in 1965. It receives no funds from the Town of New Milford and is a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization governed by a Board of Managers.
By the way, click here to see a list of the park’s rules.