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Park Rules for Events

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The person making the reservation is responsible for making sure their guests obey our rules. Please inform them in advance about our no pets policy and our liquor policy.
  • No Pets allowed.
  • No loudspeakers or live music without prior approval.
  • No sprinklers, pools or bounce houses.
  • Please be considerate of other Park patrons.
  • Have guests park at the edge of the road if possible. At the Conn pavilion guests can drive up the driveway between the barn and garden.
  • Do not move tables except at the pavilions and return them to their original location at the end of your event.
  • Bring enough heavy duty garbage bags and try not to over-pack them. They will be picked up by park personnel.
  • Patrol your area for litter and personal possessions before you leave.
  • Picnic areas will be ready for you by 10 AM
  • Park closes at 8 PM
  • After August 15th 7:30 PM
  • After September 1st 7:00 PM