Park Rules and Regulations

We have to have them, and they aren't really that bad...

Harrybrooke Park is under the supervision of a Board of Managers

No dogs or pets allowed in park.
Please use bicycles and skateboards on the roadway only.
Use of marijuana and other illegal drugs is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.
All pavilion use, weddings, business or organization events must be reserved in advance.
Please keep noise to a minimum. No loud vehicles.
Be considerate of other patrons, use great caution with children and seniors
No loud speakers, or amplified music without prior park management approval.
Be respectful of the premises. Do not pick the flowers or disfigure any trees, shrubs, gardens, tables, benches, buildings or fences, etc.
No sales or solicitations on premises without prior park management approval.
Fires must be made in equipment provided or in personally owned grill units. No open, barrel or ground fires allowed.
No sprinklers, pools or bounce houses allowed without prior park management approval.
Please help keep the park clean by picking up your refuse and bottles, bagging your party's garbage, and disposing of it in the trash cans provided.
Kindly park at the edge of the road if possible. Visitors can drive up to the Conn and Ohmen pavilions.
Please don't move picnic tables except at the Pavilions, and kindly return them to their original position when your event is over.
Picnic areas reserved for parties will be ready by 10AM.
The use of alcoholic beverages must be preapproved and an event liability with liquor policy obtained. Over indulgence and disruptive behavior will result in being expelled from the park and having visitation privileges revoked.
Thank you for your patronage and help in keeping the park a wonderful place for all to enjoy.